MS and Ph.D. Applicants


Highly qualified students (Grade Average over 80%, High Score in TOEFL or IELTS) interested in our multidisciplinary research from various Engineering and Science disciplines with background in at least one of the following areas are encouraged to apply to our MS and Ph.D. programs: Photovoltaic Solar Cells, Thermal Fluid Sciences, Thin Films, Polymers, Sprays, and any other related area to Thin Film Solar Cells.


Government of China and Shanghai provide full scholarship to highly qualified International Applicants. The deadline for application is April of each year for admission in September of the same year. If interested, please send your CV and Transcripts to Dr. Eslamian at


In the University of Michigan-Shanghai Jiao Tong University Joint Institute (UM-SJTU Joint Institute), we follow the University of Michigan curriculum and educational standard and system. UM-SJTU Joint Institute is governed by both University of Michigan (UM) and Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU), and is located in Minhang campus of SJTU in Shanghai. SJTU is one of the best Universities in China with extraordinary research facilities. Our MS and PhD degrees are issued by SJTU. For More Information please visit:

Undergraduate Research Assistant Positions

UM-SJTU Joint Institute students who are willing to take a Research Course with 3-6 credits on “Thin Film Solar Cells” with Dr. Eslamian, please contact the undergraduate office for more information.




Self-funded undergraduate students from overseas willing to visit China and our lab are welcome to apply. No funding is available, but students will have access to research facilities and may perform experiments.